Sunday, June 27, 2010

Missed me?

*Live from the concourse of Kolej MARA Banting*

Day 1:

Rating- 1/10
Events: Registration day
So much for planning with Wani Dan, the fates have decided that Farah Lina was meant to be my roomie :) If you choose to look at the fact that we've been writing on each others virtual wall and now we share literal walls you'd find it very creepy. And the targetting of Blok E failed too. I take this as a divine sign that I have to lose weight. Current resident of Block F. The "nun jauh di sana" block. 
No matter what life throws me,

No complaints. Accept it as it is - Mr Hatta, HEP KMB
Felt awkward because its PC people not in PC. The Fantastic Four- Nana, Hana, Wani and myself were suffering from the oddity of no longer FB-ing, sleeping, IM-ing whenever we felt like it. 
Although KMB is gargantuan, spread across 84 acres where as PC's like a dwarf at only 17 acres, today I realised how much I missed it. 
Nearly cried as mum and daddy left me. But at least I found Hana and it felt like old times. So its myth people that  ex- boarding school people don't feel homesick. We do. But the feelings negligible after 24 hours. 
My dreams post today shall be haunted with flashes of numbers 38-45. 

Day 2
Rating: 3.5/10
Events: IB Briefining, KMB Quest, MPP Intro

The IB Ferrero Rocher theory. It costs more, but its worth it. Its got the hazelnut choc coating symbolising the subjects and the yummy core CAS, EE and ToK. Thanks Puan Noraini for the chocolate associated analogy. I shall forever feel hungry looking at this picture from today.
Conclusion: IB isn't hard its challenging. (Same meaning just a longer word to say)
KMB Quest isn't like your average scavenger hunt. It was objective not competitive. Our fasci Abg Poji was awesome! Why I love KMB's people # 1: They're laidback, chilled YET successful. Average Joes who made it big. 
Purplites rock. 
MPP is like BWP HL. Sleep depravation on overload today. Woke up at 4.00am. Beauty sleep affected XD

Day 3: 
Rating: 8.9/10
Events: LDK! Subject Selection & Senam Seni 1Malaysia
Its finally kicked in that I'm in an IB World School. Intellectuality isn't recommended, its compulsory! The LDK was something outta the norm. 

Game 1: The Chernobyl Situation
Items: Bamboo sticks, polysterine cups, pails, rafia strings and nails.
How to play: Avoid the liquex. Transport the water. No questions. River of polluted substances. Go figure!

Game 2: Perilous Tomb Of Death
Items: Water ballons, cooling pails (?) mud, minesweeper like code, bed sheet, magic key.
Playing it: Complex is relative. Read between the lines to save the slaves from death in a locked metal room.

Truly tested our team work abilities and as Izzat Rodzi, my PURPLE group member commented that we had no fights, delegated our work properly and managed to get the point of the game although it took us a while la. Was so inspired today! Thank you PBians. Thy shall aim to join thou ranks. 

I'm gonna take Econs even if it means separation from the F4.
Senam Seni 1Malaysia sounds like it would reek of LAME but it didnt. Thats probably cause Nana, Farah Waida and I were too busy laughing at the moves.

Day 4:
Rating: 7.5/10
Events: CERAMAH & IP session

Ceramah's are naturally informative and can be interesting if you put your mind to it or if you employ the help of your hearing aid aka mp4. IPs rock! Played the telur, ayam, naga and maharaja game. Their super friendly and you dont view them as intimidating seniors but just as helpful schoolmates. Thank you usrah seniors for the motivation and butterscotch cake.

Day 5:
Rating: Unspecified
Naddie came. Home withdrawal all over again. 
Proven fact: Saya skema.

Updates shall be scarce from now on but just now that I WILL SURVIVE. Mark my words.

Friday, June 18, 2010

My new Mr

He's world wise but knows his priorities.

He's a thinking man. Never just accepts things. 

Search for the truth he says.

You have a purpose. You weren't born in vain.

And he knows, where we were meant to go, 

To live together, forever.

He always reminds us to look for signs, and to think about them. Like, 

We mutually agree that love is sacred.

And not the plebian and over publicised one we hanker after.

Harun Yahya, thank you.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


More like Hell-Sink-Kiki.

Is this supposed to happen?

Recall Sauron who sends dark clouds of smoke and ash ahead of his army of sun-phobic Orcs and the Men of Gondor in Minas Tirith are quaking with fear.Darkness was creeping in around them. Then Denethor comes out yelling, 

"Abandon your posts! Flee, flee for your lives!"

And the kingdom would have broke and pandemonium would have ensued if Gandalf didn't come charging in on Shadowfax and gave Denethor the old one two with his staff. And with calm authority he says, 

"Prepare for battle!"

Its like Bentong all over again. When the match ups for the Semis were announced. And the traitorous system decided,  


Warning bells in my mind were tolling like Sunday mass at Notre Dame. 

Then the actual debate. And I was shoeless. Thanks to some No Shoes policy, had to face the formidable three stooges in nothing but socks. Stripped of even the comfort of heels albeit 0.5 inch ones.

Like Hermione going against Fluffy. 

Felt short. Like David facing 3 Goliaths. Goliaths in blazers and ties. They hadn't spoken a word yet and I was already thinking, 

" Oh self, you're in for it now."

I know I shouldn't cultivate preconceived notions about all this. I mean its just college. Just college. Draw the line to my hyperbolic imaginations. It will still operate the same way the world does, 

"You want it, you work it."

But its a competition. Fact. Places are limited. The scene from Samurai X where Shishio Makoto is teaching his disciple Soujiro that,

"Its survival of the fittest. The strong shall live and the weak shall die."

instantly comes to mind. Gotta be rational and relax, I know. Just seems that doing so would be complacent and resting-on-laurels behavior. Which is the numero uno on the list to FAILDOM. I get intimidated, then insecure, then super kiasu mode takes over. I don't want to be left behind. I too, slave for success. 

Wishing badly I had Gandalf, who would reassure me by telling me to prepare myself. His eyes twinkling, which you'd instantly interpret as his magical foresight in which he's seen that you'll do great. Even if I didn't he'd swing his staff around and work a miracle. Not making the cut is fast becoming my enemy, growing with epic proportions.

From just Smeagol (my schizo half) to Orc, to Uruk Hai, to tentacle-y creature outside Moria to Nazgul ringwraiths to the Witch King of Angmar himself.

Mana Gandalf? :( 

I have a feeling that I exhibit a tendency to become Christina Yang so please don't say life goes on.

 Jasman, Reza and Izzat,
if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.
National Novice 2010 :D

Tuesday, June 15, 2010


Love of mine some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark

No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark
If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs

If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks

Then I'll follow you into the dark

The time for sleep is now
It's nothing to cry about
'cause we'll hold each other soon
In the blackest of rooms

Together forever,
Am I a believer?

Monday, June 14, 2010

klate come sokmo.

Comey lote :D 

Kelik Klate nok gi Nik Azman (Mey) nikah. Lama doh dok kelih rumah Kelate. Jupo pulok sek2 family belah Daddy. Rindu lajok! 
 Kalut-kalut nok wat hantaran! Alhamdulillah nikah bereh lalu, pah tu gi belarak rumah puey, ambo dok caye bila tengok Mey naik pelamin. Segho sedih sebab kacip gok ngn ye masa kecik dulu, pah tu lo ni buleh jadi ayoh orang doh.
Bekwoh rumoh Pak Long & Mak Long meme kelas ah. Buleh gi jemere sungai naik kapal! Yea yea. Best gi ngejah bilik pengantin, tengok lagu mane bekwoh, hungga sana sini, tengok Yusuf duk rhukah sana sini, Afiq duk tiok sokmo, make gulai, suko2 dengar Pak Long nawok. Meme ambo segho saye ngoti kat family. 

Mey (tok sey panggil Abe sbb ambo panggil demo cipan) ngn Kak Tini, muga happy sokmo hingga akhir hayat, amin. 

Kak Tini, welcome to the family :D

Monday, June 7, 2010

Poppies stained red.

June June.
Kicked off on a wrong start.
Bloodshed. Innocents.
Aid is now violence, and violence is fine if you have power. Power means whatever you say is right.
I don't know much about what happened.
But I know this. Its wrong.
No country should have massacres and suffering as part and parcel of their lives.
Bear in mind, this world is short.
You massacre, pillage and burn in the world, for how long, say 100 years?
But what you receive in the Hereafter is tenfold, and thats FOREVER.

One of the journalists who went into the camps after the massacre reports what he saw, saying, "The corpses of the Palestinians had been thrown among the rubble that remained of the Shatila camp. It was impossible to know exactly how many victims there were, but there had to be more than 1,000 dead. Some of the men who had been executed had been lined up in front of a wall, and bulldozers had been used in an attempt to bury the bodies and cover up the aftermath of the massacre. But the hands and feet of the victims protruded from the debris."

She related to a Lebanese officer, saying, "We stayed in the shelter until really late on Thursday night, but then I decided to leave with my girl friend because we couldn't breathe anymore. Then all of a sudden we saw people raising white flags and handkerchiefs and coming toward the kata'ib saying, 'We're for peace and harmony.' And they killed them right then and there. The women were screaming, moaning and begging [for mercy]. As for me, I ran back to our house and got into the bathtub. I saw them leading our neighbors away and shooting them. I tried to stand up at the window to look outside, but one of the kata'ib fighters saw me and shot at me. So I went back to the bathtub and stayed there for five hours. When I came out, they grabbed me and threw me down with everybody else. One of them asked me if I was Palestinian, and I said yes. My nine-month-old nephew was beside me, and he was crying and screaming so much that one of the men got angry, so he shot him. I burst into tears and told him that this baby had been all the family I had left. That made him all the more angry, and he took the baby and tore him in two."

News agencies described the blessed precincts of al-Aqsa Mosque saying that blood had covered "the entire two hundred meters between the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa Mosque. Blood was flowing everywhere, all over the wide steps, and had stained the white tile the length of the broad courtyard, as well as the doors of both mosques. The walls of the two mosques had long, crimson lines etched onto them by bleeding hands, and blood had stained the white uniforms of the woman Everyone - the wounded and the more fortunate, first-aid workers, journalists, and Israeli soldiers - all of them looked as though they were swimming in blood.Physician Muhammad Abu 'Ayila relates what happened to him and to a wounded man to whom he had been trying to administer first aid, and how the Zionists' glee at the sight of Palestinian blood spilled in the precincts of the holy mosque had blinded their eyes so much that they couldn't distinguish between a young child and an old man, between a man and a woman, between a wounded man and one seeking to treat him. He says, "I got out of the ambulance carrying a first-aid kit. I was wearing a
white uniform. The soldiers saw me and knew I was a doctor. But when I got to the wounded person nearest me and bent down to treat him, I got three bullets in my back in the region of the kidney. At that very moment, the wounded man near me died. But he could have been saved if I hadn't been hit."
Palestinian massacres
News on unjustified killings
Condemnation on Freedom Flotilla Attacks

I am powerless. It feels terrible.