Sunday, May 30, 2010

Me and my Medication.

Mission: Blackmail sister to an extravagant lunch somewhere pricey.Pretend I don't have a toothache.
Outcome: Lunch at California Pizza Kitchen, made her pay a bomb and ate like a cow (Who has 4 tummies...) How I wish I was Hermione Granger, then I could just point at the empty plates and go "Accio cake!" and get more!

Red Velvet Cake, possibly the best cake ever ingested. 

Mission: Go bag shopping or stay in bed all day. Monster toothache.
Outcome: Tricked to going shopping with Mum and Nadirah. 2 words to sum the evening: NO MOOD.. 
Along the way: Carbonara at San Francisco with Nadirah! Toothache or not, will not miss the chance to creamify my woes away and lose myself in tangles of fettucine. However, I never want to eat Carbonara again. MUAK.

Since when did I become more tembam than you? Dang the carbonara XD

Mission: Preppy but not too school girl bag for college. Kononnya, reinventing myself. Usually I wouldn't give two hoots what bag I use, as long as it could fit the Kamus Dewan then I'd be cool with it.
Status: 50-50,  got one but just as preppy as the ones I already have. At least its PINK.
Outcome: Wangsa Walk rules the malls close to home category. Sorry Ampang Point.

If I bought this, then my 2L water bottle would take up all the space.

Mission: Get out of bed and watch Shrek 4 with Syazwan, Nabil and Ammar. Ignore the toothache.
At the end of the day:
1. The only thing I liked bout Shrek 4 was the part when the little annoying kid went "Do the roar" many times. Reminds me of me!
2. KTM got struck by lightning. Stuck in the Friday downpour for 30 minutes. Bleak.
3. The best SPM present ever: Free pain killers from my dentist. Awww.
Loves. Too bad no Wani in this shot.

 Take that future dentists!
To those of you whose wisdom teeth is finally making an appearance watch out.
If your gum around the wisdom tooth is swollen, throbs, your submandibular lymph node feels swollen, you're developing a fever and a sore throat, its caught you.
See your dentist immediately.
Panadol won't make the hurt go away. (Even when you down 4)
Ponstan might work (If your willing to take 3 a day)
Arcoxia's your best bet (Though its RM8 per pill and is used for chronic athritis)
So when you feel a bout of WISDOM and the ache at the back of mouth that indicates your getting WISER, do take care.
Nothing makes people grouchier than a slow internet connection and a toothache. -Nik Syakirah

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I too forget.

Is it the case of geniuses think alike or fools never differ?

Whatever the case may be, Wan and I are yet again heading to the same place *sighs*.
We were chatting, and as usual, and when he speaks to me, he really doesn't bother to cakap beralas, memang gaya lepas aje. 

And he queried why some of our friends got different colleges, and why it was so.
Must admit this thought crossed my mind ages ago. 

Did it make me feel inadequate? ( A teeny weeny bit...)
Did it put me in kiasu overdrive? (Yeeeeesssss....)
Was I being ungrateful? (Undoubtedly!)
In life there really are times when you have to struggle and work hard (overloading your brain for SPM), then there are times when you have to doa, and seek help from the Most Gracious (Solat Hajat, Qiyamullail, doa before and after SPM) and there are times when you just have to tawakkal, which means you delegate your concern fully to him and believe that whatever you get from Allah is the best for you. 

You may not think it looks good.
You may say that others got better deals than you.
You may compare yourself and believe you deserve better.
Actually, you don't know much about anything.

Our knowledge of the things to come is supremely limited. After thinking about it, I've decided that truly this crossroad in my life is the time when God's plan for you becomes very clear. He will steer you onto a path, THE path, that is best for you, because he alone knows what purpose you were created to fill. 

And because the devil has a 1001 ways to make you forget about the gifts God has given you, and incites these wonderfully malignant thought that make you focus on what you don't have.

The killer looks, 

Truckloads of money,

The highest IQ in the world, Kim Ung-Yong (210!!)

What I do have is youth, a loving family, a mind capable of judging right wrong and an opportunity to make better mankind.
 All men are on probation and trial, they hold their gifts on trust. Those apparently less favoured, have fewer of the worlds goods, may be really more fortunate because they are learning patience, self-reliance and the true value of thing ephermal which is opt to be very much exaggerated in mens eyes. - Abdullah Yusuf Ali
Wan, looks like you and I need to make the best of our circumstances.  

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Just in case you were wondering...

The story never ends, the amazing Jahizian warriors continued their epic sagas, especially for those who keep asking,

"Apa jadi kat sek gege kelas J tuh?"

Azri (Mejar!) - Petroleum Engineering at UTP under SPC, will soon take over his dad's job at Petronas perhaps?

Ummu 'Ammarah (Raksaksa dlm Ultraman) - Kolej Matrikulasi Negeri Sembilan, Kuala Pilah, is becoming a nerd day by day.

Syazwani Dan (Dan) -Secured a MARA offer for Medicine, will do IB at Kolej MARA Banting, God willing shall enter the Malaysian Book of Records for most doctors in one family

Mariana Nabila (Merrot) - Currently: In Kolej Tuanku Ja'afar for A-Levels under BNM for Financial Engineering... BUT will soon enter KYUEM for A-Levels under MARA for Medicine, because she is talented and no longer wears braces.

Naily Akmal (Nelleh) - Electrical Engineering at UTP under SPC, with her beloved mentee Mejar, has become a better person and a Rakan Surau (taubat jugak....) hehehe, maaf ya Nelleh.

Rifhan Aliah (Peng!) - Rocking Kolej Matrikulasi Melaka and has been offered a MARA scholarship for Medicine at MSU. Status: Still deciding.

Farhana Reza (Hanare) - Wil be working her ass of with moi and Wani Dan doing IB at Kolej Mara Banting, also offered Medicine by MARA, I foresee great times ahead girls!

Nurul Afida (Fida) - Offered Nursing at UITM Shah Alam, all of us agree you really will make the best nurse ever!

Salsabili Fadzil (Bili) - Just finished unpacking in UiTM Puncak Alam, I finally found out which phone number she's using, if you want it, come and get it XD

Anis Nazira - Having fun in Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah but is waiting for the results of her TESL interview to be an English teacher.

Nurul Aiman (Emma, ketua bilikku) - Joining the millions of PC-ians in UiTM Puncak Alam for Engineering, you guys must continue the PC spirit there!

Roslaily (Lily) - In UiTM Puncak Perdana under MARA's SPC for Accounting and judging from experience, she was born to do Accounting, mesti Cikgu Napisah bangga!

Nik Hazimah (Jimoh?) - Offered to continue for the May intake in UTP by Petronas but also offered by MARA to enter KMB.

Aireen Attiera (Minah stylo J) - At Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah, with fellow sek gewe Anis!

Noor Irwan (Mr Gedik Dlm Alim) - Will be leaving UTP where he was under MARA's SPC program as he was offered by JPA to do Engineering in Germany, prepping at Intec and doing A-Levels. Ich vermisse dich, friend. All the best!

Mohd Syafiq (Kipit) - Naily's gang also in UTP under MARA for Engineering, yes, ramainya lelaki keliling pinggang Naily :)

Nuzul Ardzan (Penjilat Cg Hariati) - Will be heading with a lot of PC-ians to UITM Puncak Alam for Engineering, have fun there bro! Jangan bodek lecturer taw!

Mohd Zulkifli (Juki) - Left in January for MARA's SPC program, doing Medicine in UITM Shah Alam and is very happy to be graduating a year earlier than everyone else.

Mohd Hazim (Kojek John Henson) - Offered Engineering at Kolej Mara Kuala Nerang by MARA, status: Still Deciding....

Amier Shahdan (Shahde)- Bio groupie, where are you??? Sila update!

Amirul Jais (Mirul PUM) - In UiTM Shah Alam, on the fast track to becoming an accountant, teringat the days when you would be live, breathe, eat PUM! I hope it pays off and you'll make Cikgu Napisah proud when you become the new Amirul Trump!

"Akhirnya jadi manusia jugak..."

And for extra info, my alien darlings from other classes,

Nasihah Shawal (Seha) - Offered ADFP at Intec but since MARA didn't specify which exact course, she's opted to enter UM for Sains Hayat while waiting for the official offer letter to be sent. Seha memang mengambil pengajaran dari peribahasa "Yang dikejar tak dapat yang dikendong berciciran". I hope its Engineering babeyh!

Kiasatina (Keeks) - Is gedik-ing UM with Seha at her side, poised to begin Sains Hayat there too! I expect stylish updates and many !!!! form you :)

Not a wonder that we clinched Best Physics and Biology for SPM for our batch, seems like everyones a future engineer/doctor. All the best saem-saem, Insyaallah, we'll do everyone, Cikgu Bahri and Cikgu Azila included, proud!

Other PC-ians, silalah update.
Jahiz rocks, we know,
But we still want to know what happened to the rest of you.

Mengumumkan ketibaan yang amat berhormat, keputusan biasiswa MARA 2010.

Truly good things come to those who wait.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Faith's voice.

I am faith. I am perfect. All mankind loves me. They can't help it.

From the time before you were born, when you were in your mothers womb, when my voice was the strongest whisper. When your heart beat was true to me. You gave me a pledge, and I never forgot.

You were born, I helped raise you up. You thought it'd be easy but it turned out to be rough.

You asked me questions. Why it happened? What was wrong?

But you never realised. I am perfect. I AM the answer. I guess you weren't strong.

But He told you otherwise. He led you to a path, and he let you astray. He made you hate me, because I am perfect. The way I am, what I teach you, how I guide you, is the ultimate way. But because you listen to the poison he pours into your ears, you turn away from me.

I know your missing me. You'll never feel at ease. You're searching for the truth to put your mind at peace.

Now it may be too late. You've been away so long. I am perfect. Soon you will see.

I'm worried your taking too long. Till the day you come back. He's got you in his clutches, and your blind to me. I worry, because someday you're going to die.

Your going to die, but you don't know when that will be. I'm scared you're running out of time to return to me.

I will heal you. I will renew. When we meet again, we've got a lot of work to do.

What if you see HIM before we're reunited?

I fear for you. How will you fare when HE asks you about your life. When HE shows you that I am the perfect link, HIS perfect link to him, the ONLY link to HIM.

What are you gonna do?

Please come back to me. I am the faith you know. I am the faith you need.

Please come back to me, I'm inviting you back. So many are coming to me, but I am still calling you back.

I am faith, the faith.

I am the one you need.

Please come back to me.

Inspired by, Deen You Know- Native Deen

Thursday, May 20, 2010


Early life crisis has struck. Who am I? Ergo, I turn to quizzes to spill my inner secrets, hidden even from me.

What kind of guys do I fall for?
> The PREP: You like the power they have and the spell they put on you.
> Verdict: So very true!

Not geeky enough, minus the tattoos, add a kopiah!

The electronic device I am,
> Ipod: I'm creative and like to express yourself, like music!
>Verdict: Too right you are, proved this the entire Form 5 school year.

The inner me is....
>Creative: You like to be yourself and no one can take that away from you.
>Verdict: So-so, but I'll agree anyways.

Am I hard to figure?
> In between: You have a fair amount of people you trust. You share your thoughts depending on what it is. Your moods are hard to keep up with. Sometimes your happy, sometimes your not. Who knows? Your unique in your own way!
> Verdict: Boy oh boy, pandainya quiz ni!

Others see me as,
> Outgoing but selective: Your outgoing but stay within the people you're close to. You may be kinda mean or cold to everyone else. Doesn't make you a bad person, just selective.
> Verdict: I guess thats true...

What type of shoe am I?
> Moccasins: Laid back and stylish, you love nature and your cool.
> Verdict: HECK NO!

I belong to...
> England: Your fancy and fun!
> Verdict: Spot on! I shall now use "Bollocks" and "Arsehole" for curse words...

When will I fall in love?
>Soon: Your mature, you've waited your turn, it'll find you very soon.
> I say: RIGHT.... Maybe in the next few years k?

I am a bungalow because I'm cute and friendly, very sweet.
>Verdict: Like the bungalow, but too much sugar in the explanation behind it!

I'm a sprite fairy!
> Verdict: Baik sangatkah aku ni? Always thought I was like Jane of the Volturi.
A girl can dream right? :P

People's first impression of me?
> Mixed: Your a little bit of everything and you turn it into something BIG! What people think of you really depends on you.
> Verdict: Social chameleon I am? Perhaps.

The book I'd be
> Drama: Seems to be a lot of things happening in your life, you may be quiet and choose to vent your feelings to your close friends, it just means that your finding ways to cope.
> I say: TEEEENKKK, WRONG! The only thing I'm finding these days is something to fill the days with.

I'm to be a brunette because this quiz says I'm smart, I always get what I want, I like to read, I don't like sports, people come to me for advice, they look to me as a leader, yet I don't qualify as one.
> True or false? I can take brunette, sounds okay to me!

Oh yeah! Validation baby! A quiz just reassured that I'd make it BIG in the world!

My theme song is Lets Get It Started- Black Eyed Peas? I was going for something along the Disney/Glee soundtracks. Disagree!

If I went to Hogwarts, I'd be in RAVENCLAW because of my intelligence, wisdom and passion for perfection.
Verdict: As much as I would love to be Harry's bestie I do think this is where I belong. 90% true.

What flavour am I?
> Cherry: I'm sweet with a tang to me. I've a great personality.
> I say: Hmm.. I'll take your word for it!

I'm actually a teen, because my real age is from 13-25. Well DUH, knew that.

Last but not least, my sarcastic saying for the day is,
I used to care, but now, I take a pill for that :)

He knocked and who am I not to answer.

Don’t invite me to clubs,

Don’t ask me to dance,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

So please give me a chance.

Don’t call me rude,

If your hand I won’t shake,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

So please don't call me fake.

I might decline, if there’s gonna be wine,

Go ahead, I really don't drink,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

Sorry if spoil sport is what you think.

I don’t roll like that anymore,

Like old times, it’s just not gonna be,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

So please don’t think less of me.

Excuse me when I have to answer,

Five times a day to a call that’s greater,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

Everything else just has to come later.

I’ll do things different now,

I may not be fun or loud,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

So at least, for me, be proud.

I’m still your friend,

I’ll be there when you call,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

But alone I can’t do it all.

I demand nothing from you,

Except understanding and respect,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

For my faith and religion, what do you expect?

If I may lapse,

Please set me aright,

I’m trying to change, I’m trying to change,

But I’m still human alright!

Yours truly.

Friday, May 14, 2010

oh wow.

Thank you thank you.
Never thought you'd make it happen.
But you did and its only Day 1.
God bless you.

Never say never.
I was wrong, we're humans, we mend.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

the am i am missing you post.

After living 25/8 with you guys, it isn't easy to part ways and move on.

One random day in our lives...

6.00 am.
Everyone's alarm clock rings. NO ONE bothers to get up. Or we're all awake but no one makes the first move. I lift my head to check out if N's gone to the shower yet or M has started ironing. No one's moved. Covers head with blankie, 5 more minutes!

6.05 am.
N gets to the shower. Immediately everyone yells,
"NAK AFTER! N copkan shower"
I dash outta bed and zoom to the ironing board. And everyone yells,
"Syak, NAK AFTER".
I nudge R, and most of the time she either says, "Mandi after you," or "5 more minutes...."
In our room, 5 minutes means 15. F wakes up quickly but for H, its not even her time zone yet. We usually wake her up half an hour later. Or more.

Good morning Pengkalan Chepa!
7.10 am.
I look at M and she looks at me. And we'll start plotting who'll be sick and who'll accompany the other. Usually N will give us dark looks and we'll forget the idea. But sometimes, she too succumbs to the ever pervading unwillingness to go to school.

Hari-hari lalu tempat sama.... *sighs*

End of the first 2 periods. If you want to skip school, theirs only one way. Pergi klinik! This is the time you escape. M and I exchange looks, and we look at the time. Then we look at everyone else studying. Fine, we'll be good kids, for today.

When we DO decide that school is just too much. Inilah klinik.

M, N and I even volunteer to be nurses.

10.08 am
RECESS. SD, U, M, H, N, R and I would do our usual tour.
1st stop: Cafe Blok Akademik; Beli 10 keropok lekor, its Kelantan so it only costs RM 1!!
2nd stop: DS! If today has kuih sedap we'd wait till everyone's gone and take seconds :)
3rd stop: Koop; To stock up on candy to keep awake in class. And U, SD and M will buy really weird candy and toys, because thats just who they are!

11.47 am
I hate this time of day. Class seems to never end. Aduhai.... Must stay focused! U and H are usually asleep, okay sometimes they're not, N, M and R are usually playing weird games. SD is massaging my hands! Hazim is trying to keep Amier awake. Mejar is paying full attention. Nuzul and Juki are taking notes. Sek gewe at the back are minding their own business, And I'll usually be gazing out the window. While flipping songs on the mp4.

The view from 5 Jahiz; the most isolated class of all.

1.01 pm
The last 2 periods. Theres a collective sigh of relief from everyone. Especially if we get to go to the Bio Lab! Although Hazim loves lying and always insists that we have to go to the Bio Lab. Its times like this when you know everyones thinking, "Hari ni DS makan ayam ke tak?"

Menenggek menunggu Cg Azila... Patutnya buat Bioscore kot?

2.15 pm
I'M FREEEEEE. We just run out of class and head to 2 places essential for survival, the DS for food and the dorm for sleep. You never seem to get enough of the two.

Ya Allah, berikanlah kami 10A+ amin....

3.05 pm
I don't want to go to prep.

3.08 pm
This bed is too comfy. Just a little bit more...

3.10 pm
FINE. Prep. Sheesh.

4.15 pm
I've just woken up from my prep. Which constitutes of 30 minutes of homework and 30 minutes of sleep. Yes, I'm very balanced.

We return to C5. Yes, this is when we actually study. Fret not, we too care about maintaining our grades.

"Jom pergi jalan-jalan N?" And we'll meet up with K from C4 and all sorts of crazy things happen. We'd cook, play volleyball? cut hair, play with the skipping rope, or just congregate on N and M's beds to gossip!
Evening haunt; Taman Ulat.

We're actually thinking of isi for our karangan...

We planned to escape on a tractor...

The "After Syndrome". No one wants to shower first. Everyone just wants to go after each other.


Prep Malam. Which in 5 J's definition means, U will be running around playing Ultraman with N. M and SD will keep real quiet and study. I'd usually go sit next to Azri and N will join me after she's done playing. Hazim will tell jokes and we'd laugh. Seha would come to our class cuz really during prep, theres no other class like ours. Kia would pop by and the camwhoring would commence. Somehow we do manage to squeeze in some studying somewhere...

Add maths turns people cross eyed?

Suami, isteri, bibik?

Friends lift you up no matter what.
Roll on N's bed.
Feel guilty for not studying.
Start asking "Hari ni homework ape?"

Bed time. Since R and I have the bed with the most mosquitoes, I'd go and crawl into M and N's beds and no matter what happens, this time of day brings the most satisfaction! ZZZZ.

Happy feet.

The routine is subject to change. There was of course DEBATE PRACTICE, going round for MINGGU BAHASA, scratching prep for HARI JABATAN, the fights, getting bitten by centipedes, the H1N1 quarantine, the exams, next thing you know, we GRADUATED!

SPM came, we cried, we memorised, we calculated. But we never thought it would end. But it did. Then we were burying our time capsules. Then we were saying goodbye.

Then I drove away and looked my last at my high school. Musn't lie, I was relieved to be out. But it takes a while for you to realize that you never really want to leave. I may have drove off, but I think I e left a part of myself behind.

We age. We grow up. We go our own way. But our hearts will go on.
Arigato mina! Don't forget us.

Once upon a time, we were here.

Names have been cut short to protect privacy.
No offence intended to anyone.
Written purely to humour myself and the gang.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

the reckoning.

Alahai I'm so tired of scholarships.

Torment enough to have to read everyone's status on Facebook about where there heading/ Who's sponsoring them. Or the fact that Chelsea won :(

Sick of the anticipation.

The sinking feeling when you sign in to your email, and your Inbox is anti-climatically E M P T Y.

A little birdie told me that MARA's results are to be out on the 17th and its ruining my sleepover plan at Seha's house.

At this point in the game, my mantra should just be :

" Believe that God is the master planner, and what he has in plan for you is the best for you. "

" What is meant to be, will be. "

" God is always fair, and will not burden you with a something you cannot bear. "

Honestly, its gut-wrenching. Alhamdulillah that I already got an offer from UIA so no matter what happens, I have have have to be thankful. Put on my optimism tinted glasses and just look at it positively.

Or should i just believe in this?

"Live life with no expectations, so you will never set yourself up for failure. "

Do pray for me.

My angels in Matrics, Rifhan, Ummu, Afzan
I hope you guys are okay.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

All hail the Queen, Mum!

Mummy, Mum, Mama.

Because you taught me to mind my P's and Q's.

Thank you for giving birth to me,
for raising me,
for the balancing stunts you pulled when we were young,
for tolerating with my intolerance to dairy and seafood as a kid,
for sending me to the best schools,
for not putting me up for adoption when I was being a pissy-pot,
for not spoiling by letting me have my way all the time,
for never giving up on me!
for always reminding me to be a good Muslim,
for making sure I don't eat too much :D
for inspecting my room so I don't become too messy,
for waiting throughout my surgery, while praying all went well,
for teaching me so much about life, Economics and everything in between,
for bending over backwards to manage our happy yappy family,
for letting me be me, not forcing me down any path but the ones I choose,
for showing me what true love means,
especially, when you doa for me for exams of all shapes and sizes, at times that I call you when I'm nervous before a competition or heady with triumph from one, when you call to say you miss me, when I come home from school and you stand at the door smiling....

Please, please,
Allah shower mummy with rahmat, baraqah,
Bless her life,
Show her mercy like the mercy she had for me as a baby,
Make me a good person so that I can make her proud,
Grant her, daddy and our family a place in Heaven,
Help me be a good Muslimah so that someday,
I can be a supermommy like her too.

I love you mummy, my lifesaver.

Happy Mothers Day.

Now and always, your loving daughter.

Friday, May 7, 2010

Better an empty house than an angry tenant

Its like diarrhea. I can't keep it in.

When I see your success although I'm genuinely happy for you, I feel like a loser for not being half as great as you.

I wonder why we have to vote for our leaders because its proven that the best leaders are the ones who don't volunteer to be elected but the ones we nominate ourselves.

Beautiful friends and their glamorous lives seen on Facebook makes me feel ugly and inadequate.

I don't like driving.

I feel like doing the exact opposite of what they tell me sometimes.

I won't admit that I've changed. And I don't want to be like you guys.

Politics in Malaysia is like one big bicker-fest that I might not vote in life.

I am a crowd pleaser.

Scholarships, meritocracy vs socio-economic status? Meritocracy favours the rich, because don't the rich have the resources to study, thus making them smarter? In an interview you look for soft skills, English proficiency and Western perspectives, characteristics associated with the rich, So who really are you aiming to help here?

I have mood swings.

Why can the government give free BlackBerrys to all Ass.Professors and above yet they can't sponsor more students to do Medicine in the UK and Ire?

I told you so, its too bad your life got ruined by her because you both were so damn stubborn. And I can't believe you thought I was jealous. Naive lad. You reap what you sow, you get what you deserve.

When I think I've let mum and daddy down, it makes me cry harder than anything.

My name is Nik Syakirah and I am not a terrorist.

Islam is not violent, not extreme, not confining. Its beautiful. Its a way of life. If you can't understand it truly or view it from a tainted perspective, then you have no right to judge all Muslims. So stop making groups on Facebook dissing us.

I want to form a Glee club.

Why should one race be prioritized to such an extent in our country? Does this give us a needed advantage or simply breeds complacency?

You broke my heart. Now fix it. I'm only pretending to be okay.

Tomorrow, I'll regret this.