Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Fine lines.
Its not hard to know, its hard to tread between them. Who marks the difference between social chameleon and hypocrite?
At what point do you adapt with your environment and which point do you retain parts of you that just make you who you are?
How do you even know that who you are now is even who you really are?
You could be lying to yourself.
You could merely be fitting yourself to a mould made by the people around you.
Maybe you're not you.
You're just someone they want you to be.
Am I a flimsy reed in the wind because I find it easier to act like the people around me rather than be myself?
I'm not saying that I don't know who I am yet, I'm saying its not too late to bend, break and reshape myself into whoever I want to be.

And its so tempting to dwell on dreams of the past and paths forever shut.

I know I'm changing, but should I stop?

I think I've OD on TOK. Perhaps sleep was the better option.

Today's buka puasa was a burst of fresh air. TQ M10A!

Friday, August 27, 2010

thats how we roll

The best manna to mend a broken spirit: Home comforts and comfort people!

I know its been a long long while but I'm so glad we met.
You know good friends are the kind when you havent met in a long long while but the moment you see each other you just can't shut up, the jokes keep pouring out, the sarcasm flows, the memories are captured and in next to no time its like you were never even apart.

The incessant laughing, making so much NOISE Coffee Bean turned on music to shush us, exchanging stories, the "My prep program is better than yours" game, although some were late, an hour with you guys is enough to turn frowns into bright and shiny smiles! Wishing all 68 were there ...

Folks, lets not wait too long for the next one ok? Life seems so much saner when I know I'm not alone in facing challenges, and watching you guys make it BIG really makes me want to do it too!

Together we'll triumph: FOCUS PKTR 2009

Monday, August 23, 2010

divine intervention.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

can you walk and talk at the same time

The only constant in our lives is change. So thats what you have to do. Make over parts of you that isn't up to scratch. You do it to survive in this fish tank of sharks. Even when you're too tired to keep doing it, your mind doesn't shut off. Like an itinerary of your faults. 

I don't know what is good enough. I don't know when to stop. 
Is this what I need to do to be ok?
Stuck. Misfit here, inadequate at home. How much more do I have to do over?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010


7 days of redha,
7 days of forgiveness, to wash ourselves anew,
7 days for us to be spared the fires of hell.
And the night of power better than a 1000 nights.
Joy on you O Muslim :D The best month has arrived.

just textbook stuff


This blogpost signifies the end of the busiest week of my life. *phew* What with the homework amassing, and the cheer practice for Sports Carnival interspersed with Tutor and SPR it seems that I can officially label myself a JUGGLER.

A week of sweaty nights, laughing with Oceanus girls, yelling "1-2-3" for cheer routines. Going to class feeling hardly human at all after only 4 hours of sleep after a whole night of exercise. Doing just enough homework to get by. But when they announced we triumphed on Sunday, it was worth it. 2 strained hamstrings and 1 split later, I'm glad we did it girls.

Sports Carnival was superb! OCEANUS :)

Got a rude awakening courtesy of Miss Tina Yeung from Sheffield Uni. Am now determined as ever to not rest on my laurels (is that why my bum is so big nowadays?) and focus on the next hurdle, IB and placement.
Complacency has been rampant in me these days, especially when M10A-ians overestimate me, but God's warned us against arrogance and all the success in this world belongs to him, he's just sharing it with us.

I shall make a comeback! This week's just a sliver of the whole dish which is IB. Gotta toughen up!