Saturday, October 8, 2011

Want Vs Need.

Because we learn in Econs that human wants are inexhaustible. We should all just learn to ask for what we need only while being thankful for all we have. (Reminder to self!)

Less time in front of YouTube. More time in the sun.

It's become too chronic. Should de-activate.

Gluttony and over-full tummy. Weapons of Shaytan. 
Gotta give myself a chance to get out of my comfort zone.
If it isn't hard earned, it's not worth while right? Gotta keep swimming.
Don't need 4 or 4S, as long as I have a functional phone, all is well.
Blood, sweat and tears in this life, to reap in the Hereafter.
Guilty. Guilty. Guilty. 
Gotta shock my physical heart and my spiritual heart alive.

Courtesy to standoutsidethefire.


Amin Rox said...

analogi yg menarik! teruskan menulis.

zaid nasir said...

bukan kasih sayang & jantung dua2 need ke? :P

Anonymous said...


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